Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Like a Virgin

A month ago we (finally) left for our honeymoon, to the Green Island (Sao Miguel, Azores). It was my first „island holiday”: I arrived like an island virgin & left like an island lover. The wonderful landscapes, the total absence of city life (no shopping to do, no m’as-tu-vu spots) and laid-back lifestyle (which I suppose is typical of small islands, far away from hectic mainland life) made this vacation one of the best summer breaks ever. Still this doesn't mean that Le Hubby and I have been lazy bones. On a scooter we explored the island, to enjoy the wonders of nature it has to offer. 

One week away from the mainland felt great and I came back reloaded, ready to do some city tripping (Paris and Lille) before going back to work mid-August. 

Santa Barbara Beach, Baby. Splendid surfing spot.

Lagoa de Fogo, having our heads in the clouds. Literally.

Gorreana Tea Plantation, the one and only in Europe so far.

P.S. The sun sets a little earlier every day now, time to start to get ready for fall.