Wednesday, 23 November 2016

City Love

It’s not original, it’s a cliché and well … it’s a cliché for a reason, it simply is as true as a truth can be true. Yes, Paris is always a good idea and Paris sera toujours Paris. 
Place de la Concorde
I have always loved and I always will love the city (read this), in good times and in bad times. (Think about what happened last year November the 13th or - less dramatic yet really no nice experience at all - getting stuck in the (chaotic) Parisian traffic.)

As I live in Belgium and don’t go to Paris that often I have, over the years, discovered some tricks to get all Parisian even when there’s no trip on the agenda to the city of love and light „any time soon”. One trick is watching movies that breathe P.A.R.I.S. like for example PARIS - could it be anymore clear?-, Paris when it Sizzles, Le Divorce, Moulin Rouge, Midnight in Paris, etc. Listening to Zaz also helps as does browsing through photo albums of our latest trips to the city. Reading offers another getaway to the capital of France, especially reading city guides. And that I have done a lot over the past few weeks as I had to get ready for the trip to Paris that we made a while ago. No need to say that it was nice to meet my Love again after two years.

Apart from the inner city we also visited Versailles: I felt like Mary Antoinette and was baffled by the beauty and the grandeur of the domain. (I had never imagined le château and les jardins to be this grotesque.) To the people living in the palace life must have been great (in spite of all the formalities, arranged marriages, etc. that included living a royal life). To the common people in the city of Paris on the other hand life must have been kind of a living hell during the reign of the so called Roi-Soleil.

Mirrors mirrors on the wall 
in the brilliant La Galerie des Glaces.
P.S. Can you resist the appeal of this brilliant city?