Saturday, 15 October 2016


Fallish games, I first came up with the idea last fall. This year I will again try to engage in the games as much as possible. The most obvious „field” of practice here is (of course) home decoration.

A first example is the punchbowl, which we have never used to serve actual punch. Or even better, which we have hardly used at all ever since we got it last Christmas. During summer - the ultimate punch season one would think - the large piece of tableware has been standing on the windowsill, out of sight and thus (once more) unused. You know, for things like these I regret the fact that life is not a fairy tale because to giants the bowl could be perfect for breakfast or soup and that way it would be useful. But again, life is not a fairy tale and giants don’t exist.

However sad it may be, the truth is I’d almost forgotten about the bowl until last week when I was looking for a place to stock the walnuts that we got from my in-laws. All of a sudden I saw the light (the bowl that is) and I decided to fill it with nuts. It’s perfect: you can grab a nut whenever you pass by the beautiful stock-solution and moreover the bowl actually (and finally) comes in handy. So you see, fallish games can be inspiring and make you rediscover nice pieces of tableware.

A second example involves a recycle game: scissors and old fashion magazines are all you need to play the game that results in an autumn-like garland. 

P.S. How about you, have you been playing around with fall as well lately?

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