Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Circle of Love

Wauw, what a week! An engagement clutch (unique vintage Delvaux piece) on (a Blue) Monday for starters and a vintage eighties white classic shoulder bag (also Delvaux branded) on a Sunday dinner at Granny’s place to end the same week with. I guess you can imagine that these kind of surprises totally rock my world, given the fact that I'm a bagaholic. 


As each bag deserves a post of its own I’ll focus on the „Monday” bag today. It’s the most special one because yes, you did not misread: we are engaged. Yes, we are getting married. Yes yes yes, we will indeed say I DO. So once more, YES, next spring season Le Boyfriend, who now is Le Fiancé, will become Le Husband. (Pardon me if I stick to Le Boyfriend for now, I’m still getting used to the idea.) 
How we popped the question? No big diamond or romantic proposal for us; all we needed was a conversation over breakfast to make the „marital” decision. Basically it went like this. One of us: „Wauw next month we celebrate our nine years together.” Says the other: „So next year we will celebrate our tenth anniversary.” Replies the first one: „Maybe we should do something special to celebrate this properly.” Then the both of us: „Why not get married?”. And that was it, a very reasonable, down to earth „proposal”. This must have been in January or February, by the beginning of March we had gotten used to the idea and that's when we have first spread the word about our „plan”. (Something we have been doing ever since.)

„But how about that engagement clutch if it didn't come with the question?”, you’re probably wondering. Well, I found this beauty on Labellov and immediately saw myself wearing it on my Wedding day. (To bagaholics getting married requires a purse of its own, as does any other (important) event in life.) I mentioned the lovely bag to Le Boyf…Fiancé and a few days later he came home with a gift bag that contained this round, suede beauty. I baptized it The Circle of Love as it symbolizes nine years of love (and everything that comes with it), a love that (I hope) will last forever.
A sneak peak of the white (Sunday) bag

P.S. To be honest, I did not just mention the bag, I gave a very clear hint that Le Fiancé must have understood (to my surprise because my hint-tricks usually don’t work very well).