Wednesday, 13 April 2016


The world is going crazy, horrifically crazy. No wonder one would like to escape from reality once in a while, right? To get distracted from all the horror and drama a cultural (surreal) excursion works just fine for me. Like a few weeks ago, when Le Boyfriend and I went to visit Dalí, master of surrealism and modern art. We didn’t even have to take a plane (thank god) as the expo De Salvador à Dalí brings the Spanish artist to (what was once) Brave Little Belgium (Liège). 
Only one-hour drive away from home we were welcomed by Dalí himself in his crazy, hallucinant and, from time to time, psychedelic world. The nicest thing about the expo is the focus on his eclectic personality, on the jack of all trades painter, photographer, movie director and sculptor that also included science, politics and philosophy in his art. Before this expo I already had some Dalí experience, I was especially acquainted with his paintings, sculptures and home designs. (The house in Cadaqués, the museum in Figueres and his colourful designs, that I’d seen a looooong time ago.) The intellect Dalí, however, I didn't recall having met him before. 
As I’ve always loved Dalí’s work (and as the expo has made me love it even more) I decided that we are going to Spain to (re)discover Dali’s land, art and much more of his fascinating, crazy ideas. Or, let’s say to explore his surrealistically extensive and impressive oeuvre. 

P.S. You want to trip like we did? Go to Liège, Gare TGV Guillemins before 31.08.2016 and visit expodali for practical information.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Candle language

Say it with a candle (in stead of flowers) my friend must have thought when she gave me this „merci” candlelight.

P.S. Here you can read more about speaking candles