Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Reader

About a year ago I got back to reading novels for fun. Like when I was a child and first started to read at the age of six the bookworm in me came to life again after a "disappearance" that had lasted for about ten years. Where I loved to go to the library as a child, Fnac now became my favourite spot in town. Yet again books is what kept me awake at night, out of curiosity and the inability to stop reading because you want to know what’s going to happen next. (Simple explanation for my inner-reader's departure: I used to read for fun but in college an enormous amount of obligatory literature had to be dealt with and there was no time left for the books of my choice.)

As I had forgotten what last year’s books were about (mainly confusing stories) I decided to get myself a Moleskine Book Journal. The perfect tool to abstract the stories with a briefly worded personal opinion on the „reading stuff”. 

Another practicality when it comes to this „recycled” hobby of mine is a reading nook. For now a seat with a small table and a reading light will do. But I’m a dreamer and I dream B.I.G. so maybe once, I will have a place for me and my books that looks like the ones below.

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