Saturday, 13 February 2016

LoVely Day

Today is the most lovely day of the year. We celebrate Saint Valentine and that means love is everywhere: in the air, in the shopping streets, in the restaurants and even here, on my blog (as in many other places on the www).

LabelLOV offers a great variety in second hand designer pieces.

For about nine years my (funny) Valentine has been the same. This year, however, something is different. The truth is I’m kind of cheating on Le Boyfriend as I’m totally in love with this vintage Louis Vuitton backpack. Another truth, it’s not just a crush. One could say it’s an example of unrequited love with a happy ending. You see, I’ve been dreaming about the beautiful Montsouris ever since I was twelve years old and only now (I’m almost 29 so you can do the math) I’ve managed to conquer one. It took me some time because Vuitton doesn’t produce this model anymore which makes it hard to find and true vintage. Anyway, the Toile Monogram backpack was one of the first items on my „bag-bucket-list” and now that it’s finally mine Le Boyfriend will have to accept the fact, and understand, that he has to share my love and devotion with my new LoVe this Valentine’s Day.

I bet you’re curious about the rest of that list too, aren’t you? Well, to bagaholics completing a bag-bucket-list is a true achievement and buying an item you’ve always wanted is like a milestone. (To them it’s what graduation, having a baby, getting married, etc. mean to „normal” people.)  Other items on my list that are - as we say in Dutch - „in de sjakos” (literally meaning: in the purse): LV AlmaPapillonSoho backpack and Delvaux Le Pin. Quite some accomplishments, right? Still I wonder if the list will ever be finished because as I grow older it seems to get longer, with new (vintage) bags stealing my heart every now and then. 

P.S. Let’s hope Cupid is not coming after me today to hit me with another bag-arrow.

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