Thursday, 28 January 2016


January. I love the sound of it: soft, sweet, mellow and filled with hope. By the end of the first month of the year, however, the blues are rising high and the January love affair is usually over. No more Christmas Trees, no more dinner parties (as half of the Belgian population is on a diet) and it’s dark and cold outside. To prevent the winter depression I decided to call the family together again, about four weeks after Christmas, for a „light” dinner party. Not too many snacks at apero time and only main course and dessert were served. 
A simple menu so all I had to think about was a Januarious tablescape that would kill the blues. Paradoxical if you use shades of blue to do so, right? Anyhow the candles represent the softness, sweetness and mellowness; the pinecones winter that’s still reigning. In the end it’s the nice thank-you-for-the-invite presents that will definitely ward off the winter blues (as if the guests had read my mind): spring garden home fragrance sticks and tulips. Could a home be more springlike in January?

P.S. How do you like January?

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Wonderwalls PII

Wall art is to be found in Brussels as well. Comic scenes, famous bands, poetry: the wonderwalls have it all. 

P.S. Want to see more? Visit the capital of Brave Little Belgium, stroll to the city and you'll discover much more of these paintings.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


In NYC artists turn walls into true pieces of art. It creates amazing street views and to tourists the walls are the ideal setting for funny pictures.

Luke's Lobster near Brooklyn Bridge

 Lady Liberty in Little Italy (Soho)

Butterfly on the wall @ Soho by Kelsey Montague Art

Audrey Hepburn in Little Italy (Soho)
P.S. Unfortunately I forgot to write down the exact addresses where these pictures were taken when in NYC (summer 2014).