Friday, 16 October 2015

Mellow logic

It had been a while, having guests for dinner like we did last weekend. Sharing with you what the table looked like has even been a while longer. Time for a change so I’d say: Dinner is served, à table!

At first sight it’s a typical table for me to set: tall coloured candles, table runners, white fabric napkins, ribbons and bows … Friends and family probably know by now that my basic principle reads „no perfect table without a reference to the weather outside”. And that’s where acorns came in handy when finishing this mellow coloured tablescape.

About that mellowness. I can almost hear you think: „Why the heck would one use baby blue and rose candles when it’s all about orange, red and brown outside? It’s not like you’re having a baby shower for boy-girl twins, right?” No it’s not indeed: babies are (still) off the table. What happened then? To avoid the usual „who sits where” issue I decided to let the candles speak: a rose bougie next to the girls’ plate, a blue one where the boys would sit. So you see, the colour palette basically is a matter of logic and fall nor babies have anything to do with it.

P.S. Any table tricks you would like to share?

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