Friday, 16 October 2015

Mellow logic

It had been a while, having guests for dinner like we did last weekend. Sharing with you what the table looked like has even been a while longer. Time for a change so I’d say: Dinner is served, à table!

At first sight it’s a typical table for me to set: tall coloured candles, table runners, white fabric napkins, ribbons and bows … Friends and family probably know by now that my basic principle reads „no perfect table without a reference to the weather outside”. And that’s where acorns came in handy when finishing this mellow coloured tablescape.

About that mellowness. I can almost hear you think: „Why the heck would one use baby blue and rose candles when it’s all about orange, red and brown outside? It’s not like you’re having a baby shower for boy-girl twins, right?” No it’s not indeed: babies are (still) off the table. What happened then? To avoid the usual „who sits where” issue I decided to let the candles speak: a rose bougie next to the girls’ plate, a blue one where the boys would sit. So you see, the colour palette basically is a matter of logic and fall nor babies have anything to do with it.

P.S. Any table tricks you would like to share?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


To make it through the dark, cruel season that’s called Autumn/Winter tall boots are indispensable. In my conquest for the right pair I had to face the fact: nice boots are (almost) unaffordable. A pair of (expensive), gorgeous, breathtaking caramel coloured ones stole my fashionista-heart at the end of August. What followed: budgeting and re-budgeting, fitting sessions, endless window shopping (on the internet and for real, hoping to bump into some sale lookalikes) … The boots totally ruled my life and were driving me kind of crazy. I found myself at home sitting on the ground surrounded by shoes, hesitant about what footwear could be sold in order to save extra boot money and considering all pros and cons of the new versus the old. Briefly: my mind was occupied, my evenings and weekends, well let’s say, bootyful. 

The suede adds a touch of "truffle" to the boots, right? As if they are covered with cacao. 
In the end, a few weeks after the crush had hit me I decided to suspend the purchase and save money. (Yup, even after all the time and „hard” work that I’d dedicated to the boots.) Then again, in the real end - only a few days after the delay decision - I found myself buying a pair of chocolate brown suede booties. Outlet price, Earthkeeping-level and hunger for chocolate must have made me change my mind. 

P.S. What I actually wanted to say with this post: even though I seemed to have chosen caramel over chocolate it appears that true passion (for chocolate that is) conquers all, even when it’s about boots.