Thursday, 30 April 2015

Coney Island

A permanent fair by the beach: a colourful skyline, happy faces and a smooth sea breeze. What's not to like about that? The joy, happiness and the ocean (Atlantic) offer the perfect getaway when you need a break during a NYC citytrip (especially in summer). It's only one metro ride away from Manhattan and you'll definitely return to the city all relaxed and happy. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Rattan is like jeans. That is when it comes to combining multiple jeans/rattan products in one look. It’s simply tricky. It requires a certain „match making” skill and audacity because (speaking from my own experience) a combo gone wrong happens before you know it. What fabrics to combine (or not to combine) depends on various factors. According to me the opposite of the jeans principle applies to rattan; do stick to one colour. The golden rule for denim, on the contrary, is the more the merrier. One could blend fifty shades of jeans in one outfit and still look stylish for all I know. However, back to rattan. Apart from the tint, the thickness, weave and product design determine whether you have a match or clash of styles.

 As I like it cosy and warm rattan has conquered our interior. A Burmese weave seat is part of the lounge area. On the other side of the living room a picknick trunk (made from another type of cane) is integrated into the facebook wall

If you have to visit the loo you will notice a rattan palm shopping basket (the perfect hiding place for tissues, toilet paper, etc.). 

On your way to the terrace you will cross the bedroom, with its grey cane laundry baskets in front of the bed.
Outside a grey cane candle platter spreads a warm light over the table. In summer, when we have aperos in the „garden”, another platter (also grey cane) comes in handy to serve drinks and appetizers.
P.S.1. What would your perfect Easter basket look like?
P.S.2. Heaven on earth: rotan kado.