Monday, 19 January 2015

Light vs Blues

Blue Monday My Ass. Voilà, that’s out. My sincere apologies for the dirty language but it’s my aversion to winter talking here. 
Winter Wonderland by night
It has been a few years since the winter blues have hit me this hard. Waking up on weekdays is like hell, making it through the day feels like climbing the Mount Everest (at least I suppose so as I’ve never actually done that) and once I’ve reached the sofa in the evening I simply can not get out of it. But then again there’s light, winter light. We’re not talking about candles in the living room (for once). It is the Antwerp Zoo that has helped brighten up this winter. For six weeks or so Chinese lanterns of all kinds have lit the Zoo: extremely nice, funnily colourful and incredibly enlightening. My personal favourites:
Flower Power or something like that

Butterflies made me feel Spring-like already
Living Room Winter Light
P.S. Any survival tips on your behalf?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Wishful blogging

Good luck, love and finding the key to succes in whatever it is that you do as well as plenty of quality time. 
my jewellery says it all
Maybe I shouldn't have told you this because it's my wish for the year to come. You know one is not supposed to say one's wish out loud because if one does it might never come true. Well ... we'll see about that, right?

P.S. Any special wishes for you this year?