Tuesday, 29 December 2015

About 2016

All I want for Christmas and the year to come is a joyful, peaceful world. In other words:

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Two Trees

The most wonderful time of the year probably will be less wonderful than expected, for obvious reasons (terror, dramatic climate change, war, etc.). The facts the world has to face these days hang like a shadow over the festivities that we are planning to attend and organise in the weeks to come. Let’s hope that all the lights, candles and thoughts about peace, love and joy will brighten things up. Wishes come in handy in this too. That’s why we have installed two Christmas trees: the traditional „ornament” one and a Wish Tree, i.e. an antique framework and long ribbons with Christmas wishes.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Circle of Light

The sun goes down early this time of the year. Probably no need to mention this because - speaking from my own experience - a lot of people tend to complain about the early nightfalls. To help the whining crowd out of their misery: try the circle of light. Nothing new or revolutionary, just a simple DIY project. (Click here for more blogging about light therapy.)

All you need is a rotan plate, jam jars (various sizes) and candles. 
Go for colour and the problem of winter greyness is resolved all at once as well.

P.S. How do you brighten up your home during autumn/winter?

Friday, 16 October 2015

Mellow logic

It had been a while, having guests for dinner like we did last weekend. Sharing with you what the table looked like has even been a while longer. Time for a change so I’d say: Dinner is served, à table!

At first sight it’s a typical table for me to set: tall coloured candles, table runners, white fabric napkins, ribbons and bows … Friends and family probably know by now that my basic principle reads „no perfect table without a reference to the weather outside”. And that’s where acorns came in handy when finishing this mellow coloured tablescape.

About that mellowness. I can almost hear you think: „Why the heck would one use baby blue and rose candles when it’s all about orange, red and brown outside? It’s not like you’re having a baby shower for boy-girl twins, right?” No it’s not indeed: babies are (still) off the table. What happened then? To avoid the usual „who sits where” issue I decided to let the candles speak: a rose bougie next to the girls’ plate, a blue one where the boys would sit. So you see, the colour palette basically is a matter of logic and fall nor babies have anything to do with it.

P.S. Any table tricks you would like to share?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


To make it through the dark, cruel season that’s called Autumn/Winter tall boots are indispensable. In my conquest for the right pair I had to face the fact: nice boots are (almost) unaffordable. A pair of (expensive), gorgeous, breathtaking caramel coloured ones stole my fashionista-heart at the end of August. What followed: budgeting and re-budgeting, fitting sessions, endless window shopping (on the internet and for real, hoping to bump into some sale lookalikes) … The boots totally ruled my life and were driving me kind of crazy. I found myself at home sitting on the ground surrounded by shoes, hesitant about what footwear could be sold in order to save extra boot money and considering all pros and cons of the new versus the old. Briefly: my mind was occupied, my evenings and weekends, well let’s say, bootyful. 

The suede adds a touch of "truffle" to the boots, right? As if they are covered with cacao. 
In the end, a few weeks after the crush had hit me I decided to suspend the purchase and save money. (Yup, even after all the time and „hard” work that I’d dedicated to the boots.) Then again, in the real end - only a few days after the delay decision - I found myself buying a pair of chocolate brown suede booties. Outlet price, Earthkeeping-level and hunger for chocolate must have made me change my mind. 

P.S. What I actually wanted to say with this post: even though I seemed to have chosen caramel over chocolate it appears that true passion (for chocolate that is) conquers all, even when it’s about boots. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015


The start of fall always feels like homecoming. After days in the sun and months of outdoor living it’s time to go back inside the house. Getting it all warm, cosy and nice might help to forget about the sad fact that summer has come to an end. 

To welcome the season of harvest, falling leaves and stormy weather I couldn’t think of anything better than Fallish Games. The brown-paper-bag-and-magazine-garland is one way of saluting autumn and saying goodbye to summer.

P.S. Have you ever thought about how fall literally is the opposite of spring?

Monday, 31 August 2015

Table talk

Sometimes things fall into place just like that. Take for example our coffee table: you replace some stuff et voilà. There it is, a perfect combo that breezes some summer into the living room. 

I guess colour is power.
Don't look too far; random items like a chess set, a (nice) book and some old candles can make „it” work. 

P.S. Almost time to welcome fall into the home. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015


And this is how we happened to take a cat on holiday (a cat in a bag that is).

The Miaou is one of the latest special designs in the Longchamp Le Pliage collection and proves that a cat in a bag is not necessarily a bad thing.

P.S. Holiday is not over yet. Jeej!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pin worthy

Repinning I do often, creating new pins by sharing my own pictures on the other hand kind of never happens. The thing is „pin worthy” means extremely interesting and/or nice and beautiful. 

roses, sunflowers, hortensia and flowers I don't know by name
background: facebook wall
The bouquet that a friend of mine gave me a little while ago definitely is good enough to share on the www. Basically meaning: I got a „pinterest bouquet”. (After a week and a half I had to take out some of the roses and sunflowers yet I’m still enjoying what’s left of the bouquet.)

P.S. Do you usually pin or are you more of a "repinner"?

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer Reading

The first of July is a true beginning of summer time. My plans for the next few (two) months? The pictures speak for themselves I guess.

NYC bookshop vitrine
Last weekend we visited Brussels; a true Mekka for international bookworms. Filigranes (if you want to go French all the way) and Waterstones (for the English lovers) is where I went looking for some good books that ensure joyful reading.


Bizarre, I just noticed that the English books are in mirror writing. Why else would the French titles be upside down? Anyhow, you'll need a looking glass if you want to know what journeys I'm about to embark upon.

P.S. Any reading recommendations on your behalf?

Monday, 22 June 2015


Let's make a toast, to the new mini bar that we installed last weekend. No lack of liquor, that's for sure. Attributes like a punchbowl, ice bucket and coasters on the other hand are to be added to this mini-tablescape.

P.S. What's your favourite drink? To me a traditional Martini Bianco (on a few rocks) still does the trick.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Paris Bateau

In Paris, along the Seine and in the Bassin de la Villette colourful (not so petits) bateaux guarantee vivid city views on grey rainy days.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Imitation Games

When did I get into the fake business? I’d always thought of myself as an honest person. Imitation designer bags, shoes, belts as well as accessories like sunglasses and jewellery; counterfeiting of any kind ruins the (fashion) industry and I’d always promised myself I would never get into that kind of imitation game. 
Louis Vuitton raises awareness with brochures about the issue.

A little while ago, however, it all kind of changed. For months I’d been dreaming about the Dior Tribal Earrings. A nice piece of - what luxury brands make consumers believe - exclusive jewellery design. The double pearled earring is simply irresistible and original as it takes a new stance on „closure”. Before I continue be aware that the explanation is kind of technical; a pearl fixes the stud, which brings the focus to the back of the earlobe instead of the front. The result is amazingly cool and beautiful. Furthermore it’s clear that the Mise en Dior Earrings have contributed to the revival of pearl ear studs and that way have given a classic, stylish piece of jewellery yet another chance to conquer all (over again). 

In New York (last summer) I visited the Dior stand at Barneys, unfortunately the earrings were kind of expensive (as could be expected from such an high-end brand). Sad sad sad … Meanwhile fake ones (no Dior, false silver, synthetic pearls) were lurking at me way too many times in way too many shopping windows. Still I managed to resist. Until I discovered a set of double pearled earrings with an authentic nacre and sterling silver pearl. Couldn’t resist any longer. They were fabulous and I wouldn’t take them off. Besides the price-quality ratio was definitely okay. What was not to like about that? Why would one NOT buy these beauties, given the love and treasure hunt that had preceded the actual „discovery”? Next thing I remember is me paying for (and thus buying) the precious studs.

And that is how I got mixed up in counterfeiting. But then again: what exactly defines something as fraudulent imitation? Dior might have set the standard last year; my pair is brandless, doesn’t have a fake Dior logo and is made from genuine materials. I guess it’s simple: it’s about a set of very nice earrings that were created to share with the „working class people” the joy and happiness that brings finalizing all your outfits with it. Anyhow, this is one way (my way) of getting away with the guilt that sneaks in, at times, when I’m wearing my new pair of favourite earrings. 

P.S. Do you possess any imitation goods?

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Coney Island

A permanent fair by the beach: a colourful skyline, happy faces and a smooth sea breeze. What's not to like about that? The joy, happiness and the ocean (Atlantic) offer the perfect getaway when you need a break during a NYC citytrip (especially in summer). It's only one metro ride away from Manhattan and you'll definitely return to the city all relaxed and happy. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Rattan is like jeans. That is when it comes to combining multiple jeans/rattan products in one look. It’s simply tricky. It requires a certain „match making” skill and audacity because (speaking from my own experience) a combo gone wrong happens before you know it. What fabrics to combine (or not to combine) depends on various factors. According to me the opposite of the jeans principle applies to rattan; do stick to one colour. The golden rule for denim, on the contrary, is the more the merrier. One could blend fifty shades of jeans in one outfit and still look stylish for all I know. However, back to rattan. Apart from the tint, the thickness, weave and product design determine whether you have a match or clash of styles.

 As I like it cosy and warm rattan has conquered our interior. A Burmese weave seat is part of the lounge area. On the other side of the living room a picknick trunk (made from another type of cane) is integrated into the facebook wall

If you have to visit the loo you will notice a rattan palm shopping basket (the perfect hiding place for tissues, toilet paper, etc.). 

On your way to the terrace you will cross the bedroom, with its grey cane laundry baskets in front of the bed.
Outside a grey cane candle platter spreads a warm light over the table. In summer, when we have aperos in the „garden”, another platter (also grey cane) comes in handy to serve drinks and appetizers.
P.S.1. What would your perfect Easter basket look like?
P.S.2. Heaven on earth: rotan kado.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Deli pastel

The oxford dictionary defines pastel as "A soft and delicate shade of a colour". To me pastels are lovely, sweet, springish, delicious and delighting soft and delicate shades of colours. 

How do you like the La Durée box? It contains des Langues de Chat - they are at least as delicious as what the box looks like. 

P.S. What colours do you like best?
P.S.S. Did you already read the previous (colourful) blogpost?

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Greenish-blue colour, summer breeze, fresh, sea, sun, beach, vacation, appealing ... It's all in a, well let's go Shakespearean, it's all in a name (and in the picture below). T.U.R.Q.U.O.I.S.E

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Statement wall

After the Facebook wall comes the statement wall. A declaration of love.
The story behind the wall? More than 10 years ago the Italian label Diesel had a campaign that included this nice poster-brochure. At the time the fashion jungle seemed more interesting than the eco-declaration of love that was written on the back of the picture. As I knew the poster would come in handy someday I kept it, somewhere. What happened now: a few days ago, while looking for something - somewhere - I rediscovered this piece of wall design. My actual mindset being all about trying to live an eco-(fashion-)life I glued the poster (backside on the front now) to a white spot on the wall. 

The jungle I mentioned above
(via Breeze Me)
P.S. What kind of wall art do you like?