Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Parties and miracles

Christmas is over, luckily we have some partying left to do. At the moment we’re getting totally ready for a dinner NY’s Eve party with friends - cava is cold, wine is on the table, Le Boyfriend and I have spent hours in the kitchen over the past few days, etc. No need to say that I’ve created that merry tablescape again. 
source: liquorlist                                                  source: notonthehighstreet
Oh and did I already mention this year’s Christmas Miracle? Well … I got the honour to become godmother on the day of Christmas Eve. Guess no one will ever get me a better present than that. (You can read about previous miraculous Christmas events here and here.)

P.S. The best wishes for the year to come. 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry table

The nice thing about Christmas tables: no need for special decorations as the dining room usually is already filled with ornaments that breathe joy, love, happiness and believe (and thus X-mas). Bow-napkins and red candles can be enough to create a "merry table". On days like these (Christmas or New Year’s eve) one might add best wishes to make the merriness complete. 
Silver, shining mushrooms and the little cutie pie stood and watched 
how we were having a pre-Christmas party with friends.
P.S. An extremely merry Christmas to you all!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Classic Combo

Eleven months of waiting, about 333 days of thinking about it and then the time is finally right to install the Christmas tree again.

After all I think it’s kind of a classical tree, must be because of the traditional combo of tree green with Santa red, silver and gold. The Eiffel Towers obviously add something French and a (news)paper-fan-garland saved the tree from a „naked” look. In the end it’s about 400 „warm white” led lights that set the tree (and hence our living room) on fire. 
P.S. What does your tree look like? 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

In the mood

Christmas is almost all around, which means that we’re all set for the season of joy, fun, love and - obviously - Christmas parties. For now it’s boxes with ribbons, pine cones and seasonal ornaments that make the (Christmas) magic happen in our apartment. A decorated tree (plan for next weekend) will make the winter-wonder-setting complete. 

Apart from „fake” gift boxes there are true presents lying around too. The „fakes” house my jewellery and that way I can open a present every morning. It’s definitely helping to get me in a 200% Christmas mood.

P.S. Any tips for more nice decorations?