Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Very French

I’m dreaming of a French Christmas and I’m about to make this dream come true. Basically it comes down to this: there will be no Christmas Angels but Christmas Eiffels in this year’s tree.
When we visited the French capital a few weeks ago I was already on Christmas mode before we’d left. No need to say that being in the city of light and love this time of the year (about 8 weeks before C-day) intensified my winter-wonderland feelings. I said to myself (and Le Boyfriend because I wanted to make sure he liked my plan as well): why not have a French Christmas? You know, for a change and moreover because that way the trip could last at least till Christmas.
As the idea was all about taking France (Paris) home I got myself a dozen of mini-Tours-Eiffel in one of the many (ubertourist) souvenir shops. When the time is right (i.e. when we set the tree) the towers will be prettified with a red bow and become true Christmas ornaments.

P.S. Are you as curious as I am about what a French Christmas tree will look like? 

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