Friday, 28 November 2014

(face)book wall

Piling up beautiful art, lifestyle and fashion books results in an alternative facebook wall. Yup, you got it right: a wall built with books (some with a face on the cover).

Our library brings some colour and interesting, enlightening literature into the “dark” corner of the living room. The trick to building a solid wall is putting nice (steady) boxes in the middle of the “book works”. Another practicability to keep in mind: think about what books you love most when constructing your library. You don’t want to restore your wall every time you want to turn to favourite reads. Anyway, that’s what I did: my bibles are on top.

Looking at the picture I realize how bows and ribbons around the boxes could add a touch of “Christmasness” to the wall. Do you see it too?

P.S. What does your library look like?

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