Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Finding the perfect souvenir, it’s not easy. Gewgaws of all kinds, I simply cannot spend money on them. When in NYC, however, I found myself the perfect souvenir. Something typical American and useful that will always remind me of how great a city trip we had and, more important, something that won’t end up unused in a box and that I will never forget about. 

From souvenirs to double-chains and style, sounds strange. What might even sound stranger is someone saying that he/she loves being double-chained. If the person says it’s about jewellery I suppose you’ll understand better, right? So it’s combining multiple necklaces that I like. Since a month or two I go double-key-chained through life most of the time; a Reminiscence key-pendant and a Tiffany & Co. key (the souvenir I was talking about) around the neck. The mix of different pendants and chains turns every regular T-shirt, blouse or sweater into a more chique top.
In one of the latest Tiffany-Key-campaigns Daria Werbowy shows how it works, multiple key-chains. 

P.S. I guess there was no better souvenir to take with me from the Big Apple than a Tiffany & Co. Key! (heart-shaped one in the first picture)
source pic 2: Tiffany & Co.

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