Friday, 31 October 2014

Table Treat Trick

To trick or treat? When it comes to tables I go for the treat.
Tie napkins to the plates with a ribbon and you have the perfect treatment for dinner guests. Whether it’s Halloween or not this trick always works.
Trick AND Treat
We serve candles.
P.S. How traditional (i.e. American) are you when it comes to celebrating All Hallow Even?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

An American Dream

Paradox: two weeks in NYC flew by and before we knew we were on the plane back to Belgium. Still, the city trip feels like a never-ending journey. You know, it’s the memories, souvenirs and moreover the pictures that keep our American Dream going.
The thing is, creating a photo album is not that easy. Whether you go online and create a digital book that you get printed or you go old-fashioned with “glued” photographs, presenting a holiday (or any other happening for all I know) picture-wise takes time. It all starts “on the spot” (i.e. holiday destination) where you shoot, well let’s say everything and that way end up with like 2000 snapshots of a two-week-holiday (anyhow, that’s me).
After homecoming you get to upload the images to your computer. (I am one of those who don’t do analogue anymore, never really did actually. I was born on the edge of the digital era, you know.) Then comes the hardest part: selection time. What images are the best and need “printing”? Dilemma alert because you’ll only know for sure if you made the right choices once you see the “paper” versions. Somehow however you manage to deal with it because a few hours of reflecting upon the picking part later and after having placed your photo-printing order the time is right to create the actual album.

That’s where I am at the moment; searching for the right compositions and combinations of all the NCY experiences and views that we got to enjoy over there last August. I’m glad it takes so long, because – as said a few paragraphs before – it makes the trip a never-ending journey.

P.S. What kind of photographer are you: do you go digital or analogue all the way or do you combine digital (camera) with “glued” pictures and “analogue” albums?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Glorious Fall

Fall in full glory. I’m totally falling for it.
Guess there’s nothing more to say about this wonderful piece of natural wall art. Maybe one more picture, for the sake of its beauty.

P.S. How do you like the “falling” landscape in general?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Finding the perfect souvenir, it’s not easy. Gewgaws of all kinds, I simply cannot spend money on them. When in NYC, however, I found myself the perfect souvenir. Something typical American and useful that will always remind me of how great a city trip we had and, more important, something that won’t end up unused in a box and that I will never forget about. 

From souvenirs to double-chains and style, sounds strange. What might even sound stranger is someone saying that he/she loves being double-chained. If the person says it’s about jewellery I suppose you’ll understand better, right? So it’s combining multiple necklaces that I like. Since a month or two I go double-key-chained through life most of the time; a Reminiscence key-pendant and a Tiffany & Co. key (the souvenir I was talking about) around the neck. The mix of different pendants and chains turns every regular T-shirt, blouse or sweater into a more chique top.
In one of the latest Tiffany-Key-campaigns Daria Werbowy shows how it works, multiple key-chains. 

P.S. I guess there was no better souvenir to take with me from the Big Apple than a Tiffany & Co. Key! (heart-shaped one in the first picture)
source pic 2: Tiffany & Co.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wa(te)r proof

The battle is about to begin, the fight against rainy autumn and grey, cold winter. To survive the yearly struggle for warmth, waterproof gear and resistant footwear are indispensable. Time to get the troops together!
A batcape and rainproof anti-fatigue Timberland combat-heels will not only beat the “grainy” (i.e. grey and rainy) seasons; they will also make you cry victory in style. I have to say, can’t wait for the war with the weather to begin!
(Un)folding beauty
 P.S. More Timberland rain boots to be found here.