Thursday, 25 September 2014

S(n)o(w) White

How to dress the table when an Indian Summer reigns over the city? That’s the question I had to find an answer to last weekend when we had a dinner party planned at our place. Temperatures rising up to 25°C and lots of sunshine: that called for a barbecue but definitely not for fall-inspired decorations on the table.
This is the Indian tablescape we (i.e. a couple of friends and Le Boyfriend & I) ended up in.
Let’s have a closer look so you can see that it’s all kind of white, except for the beige-jeans-blue table runners and origami secret-message-flowers.
Why so colourless? Orange would have been too much of autumn for the sunny weather, yellow too much of true summer and green too much of spring. I thus decided to go Indian with snow-white.

Curious about what secrets we revealed that night?

Chin-chin, all set for the aperitif yet I couldn’t decide where we would have it. (As it got chilly by the time the guests had arrived we took the tray back inside.)

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  1. Wow dat ziet er echt supergezellig uit ! Wanneer worden de volgers eens verwend op zo'n chique dinertje!