Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Laughing in style

It might be hard for you to belief when I tell you now that I know the New Year (as in 2015) is going to be a funny and stylish year. Even though we’ve still got four months of 2014 left and autumn/winter still has to begin, I know I’m right. No, it’s not with the help of a fortune teller or any other psychic that I’ve come to this conclusion.
Weekly humorous style tips and funny sketches
will make me smile all year long.
It’s my new agenda, the La Parisienne planner by Ines de La Fressange and Sophie Cachet that did the trick. Flipping the organizer, a time and style guide in one, made it clear: after a royal year with Le Petit Prince (check this post about my 2014 diary) the next will be all about laughter and/in style.

The About-a-bag-bag, picture-wise this time,
filled with NYC essentials and the new diary.
P.S. No need to say yet I’d like to mention that the diary is based on IDLF's style guide, La Parisienne.  

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