Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Blog food

What to blog about when it feels like October in August? I had planned some summer blogging about nice skirts and sunny holiday pictures. But with this weather, I don’t know ... Wouldn’t such joyful writing make us long for warmth and sun even more?

Blog food, no matter what: Chocolate. 
So, what to blog about if it’s not about summer? Fall, winter and all things that come with the “dark” seasons? The change of the weather, Halloween, party outfits, Christmas and its decorations? Nah, then there would be nothing left to talk about in the months to come.

Okay, the best blogstuff right now would be: how to get happily through August days that feel like October. Yup, that’s what I would really like to write about. If only I had some useful advice to give.

Pffffff, this leaves me with nothing but the question “what to blog about”, right? As I don’t feel like bothering you too much with this kind of nonsense I’d say: see you soon, maybe (and hopefully) for some inspirational blogging.

P.S. What are your favourite blogreads of the moment?

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