Saturday, 5 July 2014

Devil Eyes

The FIFA World Cup. Four years ago I couldn’t care less. This year, however, I’m totally into the world football championship. How come? An overenthusiastic boyfriend and a feeling of euphoria, ascribable to the Red Devil’s qualification for and participation in the tournament after 12 years. But there's more to it than that.
At the beginning of the contest, about a month ago, I said to myself: why not give it a try, watching football? I realised that with a companion who wants to watch all the FIFA matches opposing to his obsessive behaviour could only harm our relationship. I thus decided to go with the FIFA flow and support “our” team. Putting on devil eyes (i.e. a pair of red or yellow sunglasses), a traditional supporter T-shirt with vintage Red Devil logo and Jaune citron nail polish, that’s my way of encouraging a hell of a football team.
P.S. Are you nervous and curious too about which team will have to go home tonight?

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