Sunday, 13 July 2014


Classic Barbour Tartan lining in a modern snit
For years we’ve had the batman with his batmobile and batcape. Now it’s time for something new, something more spectacular and cool: the bat-trench. A cape in trench style that will make you get away with the rain fashionably stylish. Also, a trench that actually is a raincoat, equipped with a hood and wearable over another coat as the ultimate protection from the rain.
Le Boyfriend likes to think of me as a flying squirrel or a bat when I wear the Barbour trench-cape. He might well make fun of it; to me it’s a fantastic piece of raingear. Call it a hero or a lifesaver if you want because really, on rainy days it saves you a lot of soak-misery. There is no better means to protect you from the rain than a cape like this. As an extra cover over light jackets in spring and fall, combined with wool cardigans and scarves in winter and on top of light blouses on rainy Belgian-summer days like the ones we’re dealing with at the moment. In other words: no matter what season, this trench will wash the rain away. 
P.S. One minor downside: the cape makes me feel like a batwoman but, unfortunately, doesn’t give me the wings to actually fly.

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