Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hungry for summer

One final petit post before the holidays, a little something about summer. Just to honour this bright and (sometimes) sunny season, in a way, and to show it some respect.
La Durée, the famous French macaron brand, is celebrating summer too.
 The images speak for themselves, right?

P.S. Thank you La Durée for your ever-inspiring shop windows

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Diamond Sky

It was a rainy Sunday, ironic uh, when I decided to go fly some kites. Origami diamond-kites that is, attached to a cord to form a garland. The (magazine and news-) paper creations embody summer perfectly; they fly me back in time, to family days at the Belgian seaside years ago. 


These days, however, I don’t need the beach to lift kites; our terrace is now the perfect place to have them fly.

Colourful diamonds in the sky
P.S. You want to DIY? Tips and tricks to be found here.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Classic Barbour Tartan lining in a modern snit
For years we’ve had the batman with his batmobile and batcape. Now it’s time for something new, something more spectacular and cool: the bat-trench. A cape in trench style that will make you get away with the rain fashionably stylish. Also, a trench that actually is a raincoat, equipped with a hood and wearable over another coat as the ultimate protection from the rain.
Le Boyfriend likes to think of me as a flying squirrel or a bat when I wear the Barbour trench-cape. He might well make fun of it; to me it’s a fantastic piece of raingear. Call it a hero or a lifesaver if you want because really, on rainy days it saves you a lot of soak-misery. There is no better means to protect you from the rain than a cape like this. As an extra cover over light jackets in spring and fall, combined with wool cardigans and scarves in winter and on top of light blouses on rainy Belgian-summer days like the ones we’re dealing with at the moment. In other words: no matter what season, this trench will wash the rain away. 
P.S. One minor downside: the cape makes me feel like a batwoman but, unfortunately, doesn’t give me the wings to actually fly.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Devil Eyes

The FIFA World Cup. Four years ago I couldn’t care less. This year, however, I’m totally into the world football championship. How come? An overenthusiastic boyfriend and a feeling of euphoria, ascribable to the Red Devil’s qualification for and participation in the tournament after 12 years. But there's more to it than that.
At the beginning of the contest, about a month ago, I said to myself: why not give it a try, watching football? I realised that with a companion who wants to watch all the FIFA matches opposing to his obsessive behaviour could only harm our relationship. I thus decided to go with the FIFA flow and support “our” team. Putting on devil eyes (i.e. a pair of red or yellow sunglasses), a traditional supporter T-shirt with vintage Red Devil logo and Jaune citron nail polish, that’s my way of encouraging a hell of a football team.
P.S. Are you nervous and curious too about which team will have to go home tonight?