Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Move made

You know how people say minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months and so on? It’s kind of what happened to the blog and me; me and not blogging that is. There’s no one to blame for my temporary withdrawal from the blogosphere but “the move” to a new apartment. (Check this out.) To make the “change of house” happen Le Boyfriend and I had to arrange like a trillion things (not including blogging, obviously).
A(n) (p)inspirational "moving" quote has to do it for now 
(no new-home pictures yet).
Anyway, that’s history. I guess it is clear that all moving has been taken care of and that we’re (almost) settled (we even have internet, yay!). To be honest there was nothing much to do except for driving all of our stuff and furniture from the old to the new place and installing it. Okay, one job we had to do (because we wanted to, not because it really needed to be done): whitening the floor in the living room. I hope you can wait a few more days before I reveal the result.

P.S. No need to say that I’ll be back to blog within a month this time.

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