Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Louis the Almighty

While I’m busy, getting ready for the last birthday party in the place that we’ve been calling home for the past two years and for the actual act of moving out, the blog is being left alone, un-updated, in the world wide web. This fact makes me feel guilty and so I thought "time for a change and a little post". In times of, well ... let's say lack of time to blog this means just a few pictures, for now of my new Bible, i.e.  "Les Sacs de Ville Louis Vuitton - Une Histoire Naturelle". Enjoy!

P.S. Converted to Vuittonism already?

info: edition de La Martinière - Rizzoli New York, un livre de la LV collection "Beaux Livres" 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

In May ...

And off we go, to the holiday season. Les vacances, las vacaciones, der Ferrien, de vakantie.

No, (unfortunately) I’m not about to spend some time abroad. It’s just that the month of May inaugurates summer season. The former spring feeling has moved over and made way for summer vibes, allowing the season of sunny days and “beaching”, glorious feelings and leisure to take over our lives.

How come I already feel like being on vacation when, in fact, I still have to wait about three months before I actually have a few weeks off? It must be the May feast days and public holidays (among others the first of May; a good start is half the work, you know) that fill me with, well ... let’s say a sabbatical sense of relaxation. The many birthdays that are celebrated in the fifth month of the year (more about this here) probably contribute to the summer sensation as well.

Anyway, in practice this means: no more Easter decorations (like eggs, bunnies and baby chicks) but a marine atmosphere reigning over the living room. (More about this here and here.) All I want for the moment is a room that breathes summer breeze and that screams “HOLIDAY”. You know, like the aura of the pictures below.
P.S. Thank you Pinners for supplying me with those wonderful pictures.

sources: pinterest & custom vintage

Monday, 5 May 2014

Going nuts

Going crazy, it was blogged about last week. To be honest, I have literally been going nuts lately: I’ve eaten tons of pistachios, peanuts and cashews over the past few months. Where I used to make popcorn almost every day nuts are now on my “snack menu” on a daily basis. It's a matter of getting some variation in the "in-between meals” too, you know.
Nutty picture, right?

So, I eat nuts and being a “vegetarian” that’s a good thing to do. I’ve been living a “meatless” life for the past 12 years and other ingredients must replace the meat. Nuts are said to be (one of) the perfect surrogates here. Not only are nuts healthy, they're also fun. The act of cracking the peanut and pistachio shells makes eating them funny; it’s like you have to deserve what you eat, you know. Unless you go really nuts and eat the shells as well, but that’s not how crazy I’ve gotten (yet?).

P.S. What’s your favourite kind of snack?