Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The sequel

Movies with no ending, I like them. Not the dreary ones that you can hardly watch till the end because of their dullness. I mean the kind that doesn’t really end in the (often not so happy) end, with plots that leave you behind with trillions of questions, that make you wonder what will happen next and that make you long for a sequel. Then again an actual follow-up would ruin the experience of “ignorance” so after all it’s better the moviemakers leave it at that. For days I can keep thinking about such movies by imagining all plausible scenarios. At some point I then decide to stop envisaging how the story really ends because well, I guess it’s simply impossible to find out about what exactly “happened next”.
Directing scene LV Brochure SS 2012 
Last weekend I saw August: Osage County. It must be the ending (including the Kings Of Leon soundtrack) that makes me like the movie so much. By the way, I’m still in the overthinking phase.
P.S. What kind of movie endings do you like best?

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