Monday, 31 March 2014

Buy O’clock

So that’s life. One goes to college/university, graduates, starts a “career” one way or another and moves in with Le Boyfriend (into a great rental apartment). Then, after a year or two it’s “buy o’clock”, time for a place of their ownLet me be clear about one thing: the “One” in the previous sentence is me. So yes, we did it, we took out a mortgage. (And are now burdened with it for the decades to come. Yay!) 
However, this "event" implies that we are moving to a new place and that means massive brain activity. The thinking is about how to decorate the rooms (it is a two bedroom flat), about what to do with the plenty of stuff that I should get rid of in order to get the new place neat and clean and moreover about how to turn the patio into a private paradise.

I’ve spent pinning way too many hours over this the past few weeks. Luckily it wasn’t for nothing because I really found some nice and affordable ideas. If the handy (wo)man in me will rise by the beginning of June it might all end well and maybe some of you will even get (p)inspired by our new home.

P.S. Check out Elle’s Pinterest for more home pinning ideas.

source picture: all original websites to be found on Pinterest

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  1. Looks nice. Hopefully your boyfriend likes it aswell, but if you are going to make it yourself I don't see why he wouldn't agree!