Monday, 31 March 2014

Buy O’clock

So that’s life. One goes to college/university, graduates, starts a “career” one way or another and moves in with Le Boyfriend (into a great rental apartment). Then, after a year or two it’s “buy o’clock”, time for a place of their ownLet me be clear about one thing: the “One” in the previous sentence is me. So yes, we did it, we took out a mortgage. (And are now burdened with it for the decades to come. Yay!) 
However, this "event" implies that we are moving to a new place and that means massive brain activity. The thinking is about how to decorate the rooms (it is a two bedroom flat), about what to do with the plenty of stuff that I should get rid of in order to get the new place neat and clean and moreover about how to turn the patio into a private paradise.

I’ve spent pinning way too many hours over this the past few weeks. Luckily it wasn’t for nothing because I really found some nice and affordable ideas. If the handy (wo)man in me will rise by the beginning of June it might all end well and maybe some of you will even get (p)inspired by our new home.

P.S. Check out Elle’s Pinterest for more home pinning ideas.

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Friday, 28 March 2014

An apology

No, the blog is not for sale nor has it been sold. It's just that Elle B. is exploring the world of real estate and this takes some time and energy.
I hope this post will do as an apology for Elle's absence this week. As she will be busy fixing everything for the “big move”, she might leave the blog for what it is in the weeks to come.

P.S. More about this project later on the Elle Basi, I promise.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Peacock pride

The design of this Petit Pan fabric has something of a peacock
don’t you think?
Anyway, once the semi-circle skirt that I’m planning to make with it is finished I’m going to be proud as a peacock. 

P.S. Bloginspiration has been running low lately, hence the uninspiring content.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


To a dreamer who's living in a real-life world, life can be hard from time to time.
auto colour morning sky vs. 
rose glasses version

P.S. This doesn’t necessarily mean “real” is bad; I actually like the real pic better than the edited view. What do you think?

Monday, 10 March 2014


A little bit of sunshine makes the world a different place, and the table too. For a dinner party last week I got (spr)in(g)spired by the coloured lining of the table runners and decided to go green all the way. In the end it is the colour of growth, rebirth and renewal; the colour that is said to restore depleted energy, which one probably lost in the winter greyness.
some art at the spring table
Miro replicas)  
cutlery butterfly bouquet

P.S. Belgium bumped into spring last weekend. What’s not to like about that, right?

info color theory on collor matters

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

About hair

Kill your darlings must be one of the most popular tips for reporters to be. When writing for the blog I try to apply this principle (that I learned when I was studying journalism) yet I never know whether or not I manage to. Anyhow, for one of the previous posts I had to do some killing but I’m not sure the right things were put to death. Let me explain myself and let's dig up some dead bodies.

Paradox: Christian Bale at his best (acting) 
and worst (fitness) at the same time 

In A matter of style I focussed on the actresses (Margot Robbie & Amy Adams) and their style yet there’s something to tell about the Hustle men as well. To start with, Christian Bale (Irving Rosenfeld); when he appeared on screen it dawned on me this movie might be the reason why he’s not going to be The Batman anymore. (The six-pack has become a potbelly and the stylish “wave” hair is no more.) A truthful description of his looks (in the movie, by Amy Adams): “He wasn't necessarily in good shape and he had this comb over that was rather elaborate.” The velvet costumes and pilot sunglasses fit his hairdo and the seventies atmosphere perfectly.

Crazy cool hair trick 

Bradley Cooper – aka Richie Dimaso, an ambitious (and desperate) FBI agent - has an elaborate coiffure too. It’s more stylish than Irving’s, probably because he put even more work in fixing the hair. 

You know what's so funny about this all: the movie shows how the characters get their hair in “shape”. So (for the male readers) if you’re balding or want seventies curls: watch (American Hustle) and learn.

P.S. Unfortunately the Hustlers went home with no Oscar last weekend.

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