Friday, 14 February 2014


Are you still thinking about how to get the table ready for a lovely Valentine’s dinner? If so I suggest you continue reading this post. (If not, well ... I’d say: continue reading for the sake of reading.)
candlelight dinner (and brunch)
Normally I prefer “recycled” materials to dress the table (check this, this and that). Last week, however, I couldn’t think of anything eco-friendly when I had family over for a lazy brunch/lunch/dinner Sunday. My first idea wasn’t that great: heart-shaped decorations (could be made from old newspapers, for example) seemed over the top and red coloured items would have been way too cliché in this time of the year (i.e. love month February). In the end home-made salt dough figures (which I intend to reuse in the future, I promise) were the life (and table) saver. The rose ribbons (that will be used more than once too) made the table look really lovely. What do you think?

old rose ribbons serve as napkin rings and
white salt dough flowers were there 
just for fun
P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

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