Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The losing game

A stoned apple stuffed with raisins, sprinkled with cinnamon and wrapped in a coat of sweet paste. Belgians (especially those living in the region of Antwerp) eat these so called “appelbollen” when they lose Monday. This happens once a year, a week after Epiphany (i.e. yesterday).
an example (that I ate yesterday)
To explain this tradition we need to travel back in time. You see, rumour has it that in the Middle Ages civil servants were entitled on that particular day of the year. The event was followed by a celebration because of which the people didn’t work much that day. Hence Lost Monday (translation of Verloren Maandag). Other say the guilds celebrated the New Year that day and (of course) didn’t make it to work either because of the festivities.
So basically it comes down to this: Monday parties kept people from doing their job, which meant a loss of working hours. If the stories are true, well ... I could lose Monday every week.

P.S. Other than the apple pie-ish pastries people also eat sausage rolls on this day of the year, the original lost meal since the late eighteen hundreds.

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