Friday, 24 January 2014


This little cookie-cake bag, it’s like the perfect hiding place for (women’s) secrets.
cutie-pie zip, cupcake and cookie
Perfect for, let’s say a hidden stash of chocolates, love letters from a secret (or not so secret) lover and a wish list of shoes and bags that you’re planning to buy without telling anyone because they’re way to expensive and because you actually don’t really need them at all. A lipstick, travel-size perfume bottle and blush would fit in perfectly too (especially if you’re one of these women who pretend to be all natural but in fact do wear some make-up). A diary (I’m thinking: mini Moleskine notebook) and other writing stuff like pen and pencils could be carried around in this small beauty too. And how about a pyjama party? I know the perfect clutch for a happening like that.
Anyway, I guess I made my point: this cute pocket bag (secret gift from Le Boyfriend btw) will come in handy one (secret) way or another.

P.S. What kind of secrets do you have?

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