Tuesday, 28 January 2014


A Most Disgusting Song (by Rodriguez/Sugar Man) is one of my favourite songs and is, of course, everything but disgusting. (Paradox-like, right?) It’s about the sing-songwriter’s audience; he’s making a list of the different types he observes every time he’s on stage. 
While listening to that song (for the trillionth time) it dawned on me that I’m a listographer, or worse: a listomaniac. The thing is, I find lists of all kinds when I clean up the apartment. Summarize “things to do today”, make an inventory of Christmas (and other) presents to buy, create an overview of things to buy next season and so on; I list all the time. I wonder how come, why I do this listing so often. It’s not that I really use the checklists. I mean, otherwise I wouldn’t find them everywhere I go, right? It must be the control freak in me, my need for an overview of everything in my life that makes me enumerate so much.

To find a more “scientific” explanation for my listing behaviour I did some research. It seems that, indeed, control has something to do with it as well as the ability to remember the listed “tasks”. Furthermore the brain simply loves lists; they offer information in a well-structured way and create a clear overview, which makes it “all” (i.e. the to does) easier to remember. (Exactly what I thought.) Also, they “surprise” because they’re a change from information in full sentences and texts. Well ... maybe I should try listed blogging in the future ... What do you think?

P.S. Knowing all this I see why I like Rodriguez’s song best; it’s the listing. I’d say: let’s listen and hear for yourself (here).

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