Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Since the beginning of December you were there for me. Whenever I got up, came home, entered the living room, I could light you up and you started to sparkle, to shine, which brightened me up. 
Every time I walked by you I said to myself, and I’m pretty sure you noticed by the way I looked at you, “Wow you look great”. Those blue bags, golden ribbons and that natural final pinecone touch; the decorations fitted you perfectly. You know, to be honest, I had like a Christmas crush on you.

Then (now that is), it’s time for you to disappear (after six weeks or so). Because that’s what people do once the holidays are over: they get rid of their Christmas tree. I tried to put it off, yet I knew that one day I would have to. Again, because that’s what people do. (Still having your tree up about two weeks after the beginning of the New Year is like a crime so it seems.) 
However, last Saturday morning it happened. I said to myself: “No compassion, no melancholy, no drama. Stay cool and un-decorate that tree. Put all the decorations in a box, take the lights off and move the tree out of the living room into the hallway so that you can’t see it anymore.” That’s exactly what I did, except for the last part. I just couldn’t and so now, by the front door we have a naked Christmas tree. When I see you standing there like that, without decorations all by yourself I feel like hugging you. But then again I know I can’t because you’re just too big to hug and besides, your needles would tickle me. It’s a cold comfort but it’s something to hang on to as it proves that maybe you weren’t so perfect after all.

P.S. Thanks to the Bay City Rollers for their title inspiration.

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