Monday, 6 January 2014

A good year

The beginning of a new year is the ultimate moment to set goals for oneself, things to do (or explicitly not to) in the 365 days to come. It’s all about the so-called resolutions that one (plans) to live up too. 
A famous example often heard on New Year's Eve:
How about me?
Well ... I could have told myself to leave the chocolate and coffee alone in the year to come or to be less of a control freak but then again one should know, and admit, that some things simply will never change.

Before I start with the real stuff, let me be clear about one thing: I’m not very serious about resolutions (attempts in the past have shown that these sort of plans usually don’t work out for me). In spite of my “un-seriousness” about this and many other things I’ve been told soooo many times (way too many that is) that I look so serious. This year, my “grim” mask is definitely one to lose. So people (colleagues, friends, family, roomie ...) be prepared for some Ellebasicious jokes this year. Oh, funny thing about this "will": it has been put in motion last year already (i.e. 2013) when writing Holiday wishes. You see, they included some jokes (no products of my own serious mind, of course, but gags found on the internet). How do you like this TwoBadMice humour?
could be a resolution (joke) for Le Boyfriend
Another ambition of mine: I will no longer wash my hair every day. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s really bad, especially since it makes my spaghetti hair even more spaghetti-like.

As only two to-does (actually one do an one don’t) would be really silly I burdened myself with a mission impossible too: don’t buy any bags in the year to come. This unlike last year where there has been some serious activity in the "bag business" (i.e. me buying a new bag every three months).

Will I manage to live by these rules or will I fail? That's the question now. I've got the feeling that this year's gonna be a good year and that it will all work out pretty well. In the end it’s about NOT doing things that I used to do, things that used to make my life harder than it had to be. All I MUST do is make my life funnier and for all I know laughter never hurt anyone.

P.S. Do you have ambitions to improve your life in 2014?

source pictures: TwoBadMice

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