Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Collector's items

I’m a collector. Not of one thing in particular but of all beautiful, useful things. Le Boyfriend likes to make jokes about it and doesn’t get how treasures like shells from the beach or coloured autumn leaves from the park can ever come in handy at home. No need to say that he didn’t believe a word of what I said about the functionality of the gigantic pine cones that I found in France last summer.  
Being a collector of beautiful things I just knew these natural beauties would get a second life one day in the near future (i.e. when winter would be here, basically meaning now). How many jokes I’ve heard about it ever since, you don’t want to know. However, looking at the mantelpiece in the dining room at this very moment my roomie can’t but admit that I was right about reusing the pine cones. Thanks to pinterest for some handy tips I managed to make the garland that you see in the picture above. 
Rudolph and winter stars + brown paper bag
Stocking nice wrapping paper is something I do too, you know because it is very deco-recyclable too. Look at this (picture above): a paper-bag-wrapping-paper garland that I rigged up last week ... just to get Christmas in the air for real.

P.S. A true source of inspiration when getting your place Christmas proof is The inspired room. Plenty of DIY tips and tricks there.

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