Saturday, 28 December 2013

Back Beauty

Christmas miracles do happen; I was there when it did earlier this week. The Delvaux Pin bag (this one) was not even involved. What happened instead? It was late at night on Christmas Day when another present (earlier that day and also the night before (Christmas Eve) I’d received a few gifts already) presented itself. Nothing miraculous so far, I know, but the tide is about to turn: when the wrapping paper got off a vintage Louis Vuitton Soho backpack came out. 
If you know that I’ve wished for this bag to be mine ever since I was fourteen years old I suppose you see why this happening felt like a Christmas miracle to me. What makes the bag even more special nowadays: this legendary Louis Vuitton design is out of production and the only way to get such a brown back(pack) beauty is second hand shopping. In other words: the bag is a true vintage item. Anyway, I can’t but try to give my "lifelong-dream" bag the best second life it could get.

P.S. Did you have a miraculous Christmas too?

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