Friday, 29 November 2013

Sisters vintage

People selling and buying clothes from each other, I’ve read and heard a lot about it lately. This phenomenon (aka closet sale) runs in my family too: a few sisters of mine recently emptied their closet to get rid of garments they don’t like and wear anymore. Afterwards they asked me to come have a look at their well, let’s say garbage clothes and I could take the things I like(d) ... without paying. So there is one difference with the other sales: the act of selling was left out. Anyway, you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this? The outfit in the pictures here consists of such garbage clothes (skirt & pull).

(bag - Delvaux, shoes - Timberland - skirt & sweater - sisters vintage)
P.S. Are you a keeper (you have difficulties getting rid of things) or a pitcher (you don’t mind throwing things away)? 

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