Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mon Amour

Paris je t’aime, Paris mon amour: I L.O.V.E. Paris. I’ve been in love with the city since, well ... actually since before I’d ever been there. One way or another the city of love & light has always had some fatal attraction on me. At the age of twelve (I repeat: I’d never been there) I decided Paris would be the place for me to live, love, work, etc. Ten years ago (16 years old) I visited the French capital for the first time; the three day school trip made me love the city even more. I planned to revisit the town quite often, until the time was right to move there you know.

Golden globe

Then this happened: time flied by, I finished high school, went to college, met Le Boyfriend and before I knew it had been 10 years since I’d “last” (and first) paid the city a visit. Shame on me! 
An Englishman in Paris

Anyway, since moving there is not going to happen any time soon (unless I trick Mon Amour into doing so) a Paris trip was definitely required. And so it happened (a lot of happenings in this post, don't you think?): about a week ago Le Boyfriend and I went there to say hello to my “lover city”. An active sunny Sunday it was: we climbed the Eiffel Tower (that’s right, we took the stairway to a magnificent Parisian panorama) and afterwards we made a 100% Paris city walk (with the help of the 100% Paris city guide). One could say we made “le Tour Eiffel” because the famous monument seemed to follow us throughout the day. You see: the top of the tower appeared in the skyline everywhere and at (almost) every street corner tourist shops offered versions in different sizes and colours.

P.S. Do you recognize the monuments in the pictures?

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