Wednesday, 20 November 2013


For those who have a sweet tooth: the one and only La Durée macarons.
In Paris I didn’t make pictures at the legendary biscuit store. This weekend, however, I tried to make up for that by acting like a tourist in my hometown (basically meaning that I stood in front of the La Durée store in Antwerp while looking at it through my camera lens).
It just dawned on me: a macaron pyramid would be the perfect Christmas tree. Some green pistachio-flavoured and dark rose coloured meringue cookies could do the tree trick, don't you think? 
But then again: how long will the tree live? Leaving the delicious sweets alone would be, well ... very hard which would make having an "uneaten" tree still standing  at Christmas a true Christmas miracle.
P.S. Which flavour is your favourite? I prefer the brownies (chocolate flavour, of course) but the rose and purple ones in the pictures above definitely look better. 

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