Friday, 15 November 2013

Material girl

About six weeks before Christmas the time is right to make this year’s wish list public, don’t you think? 
I hope Santa reads this post, just so he's in the loop about where to shop you know.

Pin (by Delvaux)
I have to admit: 
finding this beauty in my stocking by the chimney 
would be a true Christmas miracle.
La Durée key ring, pen and notebook
The stuff that could cheer me up 
if I don’t get Pin.
A rather short list in my opinion... The truth is that being all egocentric and materialistic (= me blogging) while natural disasters are affecting millions of people in the Philippines makes me feel guilty. So let me be clear: apart from the trivial things described above I do wish for worldwide love, peace and happiness too (sooo cliché, but soooo true).

P.S. What do you wish for this holiday season?

La Durée Paris


  1. Wish lists op je blog zetten is echt handig voor je omgeving :D
    Voor deze kerst hoop ik op een milde winter maar ik vrees dat het niet veel gaat uithalen..
    Naomi, x

  2. Het weer dat je wenst is helaas niet te koop :)

    Bedankt voor de comment.


    Elle B.