Tuesday, 5 November 2013

English kisses

Natural colours for the lips, they fit my look perfectly.
Apart from the “nail dye manicure” that I talked about earlier the English brand Burberry also spoilt us, bloggers, with lip cover and foundation samples at the A Luxury Approach event. When it comes to quality and looks the Burberry branded lip cosmetics definitely match up to the B-nail polish: a nice texture, last quite some time and (as I just said) they come in a range of perfect colours (all kind of nudie yet chic and classy).

Even though I’m not a foundation kind of girl (I prefer “just powder” because  make-up cream always makes me feel like I’m wearing a mask) I gave the B-samples a try. It’s not that I’m going to switch to cream foundation now (compact powder on a daily moisturizer is still the foundation I build my looks upon) but the B-ones do their work properly. Applying the colouring sheer fluids results in a solid, lightened tint and disguised imperfections (a lot of those on my face).

P.S. Not only do I cherish Burberry trench coats; I’m now into their make-up too. One more thing left to test: their perfumes. Curious about whether or not I will fall for the English fragrances too.

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