Wednesday, 27 November 2013

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In one month it will be Christmas. Sorry, let me correct myself: by then Christmas will be over already. No need to say that I will be blogging about Christmas A LOT the weeks to come and also, that it’s time to get myself, my place and the atmosphere ready for the festivities. To Christmas lovers like me that is of course no problem AT ALL.
What all the prepping is about? A present budget has been made as well as an inventory of what presents to buy for whom (some of the items there have even been ticked off already). I’ve been working on the party outfit, that’s right: I’m literally MAKING it this year (like last year actually). Anyway, you'll read more about that project later on the blog.

What else? Um ... wishes to spread amongst friends and family have been prepared and the cards that will carry them (i.e. the wishes) around have been taken care of too. Then there’s the Christmas tree. What decorations I need, already have and still will have to buy to complete the tree ... I’ve listed them all up. And last but not least: the countdown tool, aka Advent calendar. My board (blogged about it here) is ready to be decorated again with jingles and jangles of all kinds. (It’s the 4th year in a row that I’ll be using this calendar so I’m thinking about something new for next year. I'd say Pinterest to the rescue!).

flying angels in the living room 
a sweet winter home to the golden bird

Well ... that's it for the prepping & plans. Now it’s time to put them in motion. 

P.S. If you want to see how that goes: stay tuned!

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