Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thursday treat

Do you have a Halloween (dinner) party planned for tonight?
Celebrating the eve of All Saints’ Day is a tradition that has found its way to Belgium over the years. Some people say it’s all about money and commerciality, some like it and seize the opportunity to have another party. I’m one of those and so last week I had family over to eat pumpkin soup and home-made pancake-mix pancakes.
Apart from the hallowfood it was the table that put us in a, well ... let’s say, hallow mood.

A warm welcome to all saints with orange candles and fall(en) orange, yellow and red coaster-leaves.
Spider-napkins scared evil spirits away (napkins from one of the A Luxury Approach goodie bags) and cord napkin rings decorated with brown-paper-bag pumpkins kept the serviettes in place.

Chocolate mushrooms added something sweet (literally and figuratively) to the

P.S. I got myself a nice treat this Halloween: a "true" camera. So, um, be prepared for clear pictures in the future! 

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