Sunday, 27 October 2013

Luxury blogging

I’ve a lot of stuff to blog about, so the lack of inspiration I had to deal with over the past few weeks is gone now (luckily). The cure: 
an A Luxury Approach evening and the goodies that were on display.
For the second time the Brussels-based press agency invited bloggers of all kind to their office/showroom. To be honest: I love going there for the interior an sich (an industrial-looking spacious room with large windows, situated in the amazing Tour & Taxis building). Of course this is just a side issue. What the event really was about: discovering the coolest clothes, prettiest shoes, nicest jewellery, most glamorous perfumes, very luxurious make-up, sexy toilet paper (!) and so much more. No need to say that finding out about all these (new) brands and their collections makes me love visiting the luxury office even more and, most important, definitely offers food for the blog.

Apart from drooling over the fantastic pieces of clothing and brilliant accessories I tried some blog-networking, learned about chryotherapy (might come in handy some day) and had my nails done by Burberry (nice texture, nice colour and dries very quickly: so if you’re looking for good nail polish you should give Burberry’s a try).

Enough with the talking. Let’s have a look at my favourites, shall we?

Let the sunshine in: 
I’m already ready for next summer with these Ice Watch sunglasses!

True totems.
Such shining bracelets must have some magical power. 
Spirituality top when a bunch of bloggers is standing around this display.

It was Mucho Gusto with these ditto named coloured body warmer beauties. (There’s an interesting story behind the brand on its website.)

I love table wear and these napkins (blogged about my “creations” in that department in the past) already came in handy as I had an early “Halloween” pancake party at my place this weekend.

Beauties (cool pics) with brains (interesting quotes),
i.e. Public Urban T-shirts.

Pretty happy ending for this post:
“my” pair of Pretty Ballerinas.
(See also previous post.)

P.S. What’s your favourite luxury item?

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