Friday, 18 October 2013

Home talk

The place I would like to call home must have:

  • a spacious open kitchen
  • ditto living room
  • a “hidden” storeroom (to hide so called “junk” - I quote Le Boyfriend when he’s complaining about my incapability to throw things away, things that have emotional value and I'd rather describe as childhood treasures)
  • two bedrooms (I like to think ahead: somewhere in the future we will have children ... I guess)
  • a bathroom (no dirty roomies for me)
  • last but not least (something our current apartment is missing): a patio or terrace to have, for example, morning cups of weekend coffee and breakfasts & dinners when the weather is nice

Searching for pictures of a home like this it dawned on me that I’ve seen it many times before: the ideal home to me is a place that looks exactly like Monica’s apartment in the TV show Friends. I’ve seen the complete serial (10 seasons + extras) way too many times but I guess my couch-potato behaviour has taught me something after all, i.e. what kind of place I would like to call home.


P.S. The fact that there’s a coffee bar on the ground floor in Friends makes me dream about the apartment even more.

sources: devianart newsbuzz Pinterest

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