Friday, 11 October 2013

Devilish Friday

The Belgian national football team (aka Red Devils) is playing an important match tonight (crucial to qualification for the FIFA World Cup next summer). Normally such events don’t thrill me at all but Le Boyfriend and his (over)enthusiasm for “our” team dragged me into the devilish hype. He got me so excited that I’m even willing to join him to the game (i.e. watch on big screen, probably standing in the rain).
Of course I’m not a freak (yet?) with a black-yellow-red-coloured flag face or  Red-Devilish horns on the head, but I will show some respect to our team too. I’ll do it my way, you know. For example by wearing a red cardigan, carrying a red backpack and assuming a devil woman’s attitude all day long.

P.S. Whoever is supposed to meet me today: be prepared because I'm gonna make it a Friday from hell!

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