Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day at the Museum

This weekend proved the previous post right. Knit cardigans can be worn everywhere. I did it all weekend long: Saturday morning at home, in the shopping streets during the day and later, at night, to the movies too.

Sunday I spent the day (at least the afternoon) at the museum (Red Star Line Museum that is) with my beloved sisters. It was an adventurous trip and comfortable and warm clothes were a must, you know. We travelled back in time and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, heading for America on one of the famous RSL-passenger ships. A hundred years ago they carried approximately two million people in pursuit of the American dream to the so-called great country.

Since the weather was super smooth this Sun(ny)day expedition called for a cardigan too. The nice late-summer sun kept us warm and made a piece of everywear the perfect coat.

cardigan - MANGO
bag - Delvaux
jeans - Nudie Jeans
shoes - Timberland

P.S. About the museum: watch me climb aboard the Red Star Line ship.

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