Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Summer is fall-ing

It’s official: fall is in town (has been since Saturday) and that you can tell, especially in the place that I call “home”. The Indian summer that the weather forecast is all about couldn’t stop me from welcoming fall into our apartment last weekend. 
Decorations like shells and beach girls, summer-inspired garlands and flowers: they have all been removed from the living room and stored away. Pine cones, acorns and a silver mushroom on the other hand are now on show and in the headwear basket, berets have banned summer hats to the bottom of the ladder (basket, actually). You know what’s so great about this (f)all? I’m going to enjoy it in the bright, warm aura of an Indian-summer sun.

P.S. Are you getting ready for fall already or am I just a freak?


  1. Ik ben me al aan het voorbereiden voor Kerstmis, dus ge zijt geen freak! ;)

  2. Ja, maar dat durf ik nu nog niet te "bloggen": hoe de kerstboom 2013/2014 des huises Elle Basi eruit zal zien weet ik eigenlijk ook al. 't Is alvast een opluchting te weten dat ik niet de enige ben.