Friday, 6 September 2013

Dress (hi)story

The dress story that I started earlier this week continues. Dress-like girls (wearing my favourite retro dresses) throughout history, an overview.

The sixties: Twiggy and her, let’s say, “Twiggy dress" - basically the one that I’m working on at the moment.
The seventies: Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett in her Diane Von Fürstenberg lookalike dress. (Probably a future “sewing project” of mine.)
Back to the sixties: Jackie O and her classic classy “I am a (first) lady” dress - basically the model of my strawberry dress.

The eighties and nineties: Well, to me that’s not retro yet so euhm let’s call it a (happy Fri)day here. 

P.S. What's your favourite dress period?

pictures' sources: Famous Frocks (Droomjurken) by Sara Alm & Hannah McDevitt


  1. o zo mooi uw aardbeienkleedje! stofje en model passen perfect! helemaal zelf gemaakt?

  2. Dank u!
    Helmaal zelf, maar met enige hulp van "professionals" uit de familie weliswaar. Met het Twiggy kleed gaat het allemaal al een stukje vlotter alleen, ook zonder hulp.